About Jana


Jana Sedivy is Founder and Principal of Authentic Insight, an award winning consulting practice specializing in Voice of Customer research and strategy for B2B tech companies. She is a recognized expert in Customer Experience research.

Over the past 17 years, Jana has lived at the intersection of people and technology. At the famed Xerox PARC, she worked on technology which was a precursor to today’s “internet of things”, and holds 21 technology patents. Since then, she has worked with a wide range of companies, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, always with a laser focus on improving the customer experience (her work on Nuance Communications PowerPDF was described by an independent product reviewer as a “UI smackdown of Adobe Acrobat”).

Jana’s work is published in peer-reviewed journals in user experience.  She is also a regular contributor to UX Booth and Customer Think (online trade journals in the field of user and customer experience), podcast guest, and a conference speaker.   Her company won an award in 2015 for promoting excellence in Product Management.

Jana has a BSc degree in Computer Science and Physics, and a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from the University of London. She is deeply uncool in a variety of other ways, including a fascination with pickling (she pickles 100 pounds of cucumbers every July) and a love of Bollywood movies.

After a few stints in the UK and Silicon Valley, she now lives in Ottawa with her husband and three children.