Conference Speaking and Interviews

EnterpriseUX At Enterprise UX in San Francisco (June 2017) I spoke about the power of storytelling to develop a connection between the product team and the end customer.

I chatted with David Shriner-Cahn about how building empathy with your customers can help you smash through business plateaus. Listen to the episode here.

PRSAI spoke at the Public Relations Society of America Conference in Indianapolis (October 2016) about the power of Customer Journey Mapping to help large organizations understand their customers.

"I was completely demoralized."  Have you ever had those moments?  I connected with Jim Rembuch on the Fast Leader podcast to talk about how to get over those obstacles, and what you can learn from the experience.  We also cover gymnastics training.  

I was surprised and honored to receive the Sole Proprietorship Award from OPMA for promoting excellence in Product Management.  The Ottawa Product Management Association is devoted to education and networking for product management professionals.  They do amazing work in the community and I am very proud to be recognized by them in this way.

IABCConfI spoke at the IABC 2015 World Conference (International Association of Business Communicators).  I talked about how to listen to your customers at scale using social media.  There were marketers and communicators of all stripes from all around the globe at this conference.  What a thrill to meet them all!

See my presentation here.

customersForLifeThere are two very important questions that every entrepreneur needs to ask before bringing a product to market.  Find out what they are in my conversation with Pamela Herrmann on the Customers for Life podcast.  While you're there, subscribe to the podcast.  It is awesome.  

Listen to the podcast here

micMarket research is just a fancy word for "Listening". It isn't just for big companies. In this podcast on I talk about how solo professionals can do market research on a tight budget, using some surprising techniques for recruiting participants.

Listen to the podcast here

power_pdfI was delighted to lead the redesign of Nuance PowerPDF which got some excellent reviews from independent parties. Don't listen to me, listen to "The Lawyerist" and The Lawsite Blog. You know you can always trust lawyers right?

"User-Interface Smackdown: Frankly, I find the interface of Power PDF (which is obviously much less familiar to me), easier to figure out than Acrobat. If you’re already used to the toolbar Ribbon in Microsoft Office, then Nuance’s Power PDF will be even easier to figure out." -

" I found it easier to perform many tasks using the Nuance software than with Acrobat. " - Lawsite Blog

computerDumpI have also been quoted in, talking about a cause that I am passionate about. Electronic waste and what to do with it.

Is Canadian e-waste an environmental disaster in waiting?
What’s in that piece of outdated computer equipment you’re about to throw in the trash? The answers may frighten you. So what else can you do with it, and why should you bother? A very important article.

(Photo credit: Manuel Flores Creative Commons Commercial License)