Are you tired of product decisions that are based on the opinion of the loudest engineer in the room?

So are your customers.

The problem is, most companies don't know their customers well enough to give them great customer experiences.

Here is how not understanding your customer costs your business money:

  • Less Revenue:  Customers don’t buy the product because it isn't addressing their biggest pain points.
  • Wasted money: Customers struggle using the product so customer support and documentation costs are too high.
  • Wasted Development Time: Customers don't want half the features on most products.  Couldn't the time spent building those have been better spent on things they DO want?
  • Unnecessarily Long Sales Cycles: When you don't provide excellent experiences, customers don't stick around, and don't recommend that product to their peers.  That means the sales team has to work much harder to bring money in.

If this describes your organization, I can help.  Contact me here.

Here are some packages I offer to help you create better customer experiences and improve your bottom line.

Authentic 360 Voice of Customer

Many companies are already gathering a lot of data about their customers. The problem is, the information itself is sitting in many different organizational silos.

If this describes your organization, this package will help you tap into the data you’re already collecting.

User Experience Design


Are you losing sales because your competition is easier to use? Are you integrating a bunch of different products and need to make them look and work the same way? Are your customers inundating your customer support team because they can't find features that are "right in front of them"?

We can help with that.

Authentic Customer Journey Mapping

When customers use your product or service, they will usually interact with lots of different parts of your company.

If any of these touchpoints are not meeting your client's expectations, you are jeopardizing their entire experience, and risk losing them as a customer, as a result.[/fruitful_ibox]

Authentic Test Pitch Interviews

If you are starting a new product line, or planning the next version of your product, it is critical that you test the market first. Before you invest heavily into development.
This program "test sells" your product in front of potential customers.