Authentic Customer Journey Mapping

When customers use your product or service, they will usually interact with lots of different parts of your company.  They will:

  • talk to your community of users to make a purchasing decision,
  • read your marketing material
  • visit your website, talk to your sales team
  • go through an onboarding process
  • have an initial experience getting started with the product,
  • call customer support when necessary.


If any of these touchpoints are not meeting your client’s expectations, you are jeopardizing their entire experience, and risk losing them as a customer, as a result.


Customer Journey Mapping is the single best silo-busting research methodology out there.   It gets the whole company thinking about the entire end-to-end customer experience and uncovers ways that the company needs to support them.


Package includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • Interviewing stakeholders in different departments to identify where they see problems and areas for improvement
  • Researching your product or service to ensure a solid foundation (reviewing any manuals, marketing materials, relevant competitors etc.)
  • Identifying key target personas for your customer base based on stakeholder interviews
  • Developing an interview protocol questionnaire for your target personas that walks them through their end-to-end experience
  • Recruiting participants for interviews to ensure that there we speak to the people that will give us the most valuable feedback
  • Taking care of compensation for participants
  • Leading and moderating interviews
  • Delivery of recorded sessions and notes
  • Analyzing interview data to create customer journey maps
  • Leading and moderating a stakeholder workshop session to walk a mile in your customers shoes based on the customer journeys and identify where customers could be better served.
  • Developing detailed recommendations on improving your customer end-to-end experience
  • 60 days of our availability at conclusion of our project for additional questions or adjustments.