Authentic Persona Development

A deep understanding of your target customers and users is the basic foundation on which the rest of your business depends.

If you get this crucial step right, your business will:

  • Build the products and features that your target customers REALLY need (instead of making decisions based on the loudest engineer in the room)
  • Improve your sales by using the language your customers use (instead of your internal corporate speak)
  • Formulate the most effective pricing strategy by understanding your customers’ business context and budget constraints

Package includes:

  • Holding stakeholder workshop to determine organizational understanding of target personas. Who does the organization think are the most important people, and what are their goals and behaviors?
  • Forming interview research plan for identifying key target persona segments
  • Designing interview questionnaire protocol and pilot testing
  • Developing screener to recruit relevant participants to ensure that we speak to the right people
  • Recruiting and screening participants to ensure that the people we interview give us the most value
  • Conducting and moderating all interviews
  • Conducting meeting with stakeholders to review interview insights and define personas. Interview analysis
  • Meeting with stakeholders to present final results
  • Delivery of personas, interview recordings, and notes
  • 60 days of availability at conclusion of our project for additional questions or adjustments.