Authentic Social Media Listening

Your customers and prospects are already talking about you on social media even on your own product forums.  But you can’t use this information to improve your business and gain an edge on your competition unless you can gather and make sense of it all.  That’s what Social Media Listening is all about.

Specifically, Social Media Listening can help you with:

Competitive Analysis:  How are people talking about your company vs your competitors?

Product Launch Analysis:  Has the social media conversation changed since you launched your product?  Did any media cover it or were you mostly talking into a vacuum? Who was talking about you the most?  Did the launch have any lasting effect or was it just a temporary blip?

Complaints or feature request analysis:  Many companies have large customer forums where people are discussing their products.  Mining that data can give important insights about what people like about your product, what they are struggling with, and what they would like in the future.

Package includes:

  • Initial social media assessment do define what is going well and what is not
  • Robust query and search design strategy to ensure that we are not ignoring important keywords, and not gathering irrelevant data
  • Ongoing Social media monitoring over agreed upon time period
  • Analysis of social media conversations to identify key conversation topics, understand sudden conversation spikes, identify important influencers, and gauge overall sentiment
  • Detailed analysis report
  • 60 days of our availability at conclusion of our project for additional questions or adjustments.