Authentic Test Pitch Interviews

If you are starting a new product line, or planning the next version of your product, it is critical that you test the market first.  Before you invest heavily into development.  This program “test sells” your product in front of potential customers and gathers feedback on their reaction to the problem definition, feature set, marketing language, product roadmap, and more.

Package includes:

  • Initial assessment to formulate best approach for test pitch
  • Interviewing stakeholders to determine key questions that need to be answered
  • Researching your product or service to ensure a solid foundation (reviewing any manuals, marketing materials, relevant competitors etc.)
  • Developing test pitch presentation, which contains ways to test your hypothesis of your customer’s burning pain, your product roadmap, and your pricing strategy.
  • Recruiting customers (or potential customers) to participate in process to ensure that you are getting feedback from the people who really matter.
  • Leading and moderating presentation
  • Analyzing the results of the interviews and making recommendations
  • 60 days of our availability at the conclusion of our project for additional questions or adjustments