Persona Development

Do one of the following apply to your organization?

  • Do you define your customers in terms of the technology they use rather than what they do?
  • Do you primarily talk to the people purchasing the product and rarely talk to end users of the product?
  • When asked “who are your customers?” is the answer “Everybody!” or, “it depends…” ?
  • Do you have difficulty recruiting customers for focus groups or market research?  This could be a sign that your customer does not exist “in the wild”.

These are all signs that your organization could benefit from persona development.  Personas are a way to get to know your customers and users.  It helps you learn what their problems are, what their key workflows are, and where their pain points lie.  Without a solid understanding of these aspects of your customers, it can be a challenge to develop a successful product.

Authentic Insight can help your organization get clarity around your target users, so that you can focus on delivering the highest value to them.

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