Social Media Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Do you want to know how people are discussing your brand as opposed to your competitors? How does the conversation differ?

Social media analysis can provide insights into how your brand is perceived.


In the conversation map above, we can see the conversations about Adobe Acrobat as well as 3 of their competitors.

This map reveals that DocuCo was not discussed in the same posts as their competitors. This indicates that although DocuCo viewed them as competitors, they were not viewed this way by consumers. We can also see that DocuCo was associated with words like: management, process, and solution. This indicates that they are viewed as a document solution provider, whereas their competitors were described simply as the default installations on systems.

This map also shows that Adobe Acrobat is often considered a job requirement but none of their lower priced competitors are and that there was a fair bit of discussion around security problems with Acrobat.

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Product Launch Analysis

Launching a product usually involves a large social media component. By looking at the social media conversations, we can see how effective the launch campaign is in reaching their audience. We can see what kind of content is being shared and what kind of people are discussing your brand. We can also analyze the kinds of conversations people are having about your brand before and after the launch.


In the timeline above, we can see that on the launch day, there were many product mentions but it did not last for long. We can also see that most of the traffic being shared was only three external reviews and that the company press releases barely registered.


In the conversation analysis above, we can see that Docu Co was being discussed as an affordable alternative to Acrobat. We can also see that much of the discussion centered around the feature offering, as well as improvements to the user interface.

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Product Commentary analysis

Many organizations have a great deal of conversations about their product that are already at their disposal. Some of it happens on social media, but it can also happen in product forums, customer support emails, and beta launch feedback forms.

Conversation analysis can be applied to these sources of data to mine for insights about:
– What problems are people having with your product?
– What features are people hoping for?
– Are the conversations positive or negative?

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