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"Amazing how that resonated - any product manager, developer, or creator should be thinking in terms of customer's voice, and not loudest voice at the table."

- Colin Haig, Industry Principal at SAP

"As to be expected from you, the newsletters are excellent: informative to the readers and useful to the target clientele ... The one on the loudest engineer is so true"

- Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo, at LeaderOne

"Well, well, well done, and informative, too."

- Marisa Lernhardt at Adobe

"Excellent! Thanks for sending this article. I love your sense of humour and it was very informative."

- Carmen Martino, at Carmen Martino Speech-Language Pathology

"Powerful article. The right research question is often more important than the answer"

- Vanessa diMauro, CEO of LeaderNetworks

love it! (Keeping my response short so as to "talk less" but seriously love this article).

- Fabien Tiburce, CEO of Compliantia

"I really like this! Somehow you have managed to make it sound like a real voice, as if we were chatting."

- Judy Jaimet

"I think that was a great topic. I bet just about everyone can relate. You present the solution in a way that makes it seem a no-brainer. I doubt many can argue with that!"

- Tom Hoferek, Interaction Designer at large

Nice job and SO true!"

- Kathy Rowell, Founder and Principal at HealthDataViz

Great eye opener; excellent story."

- Michael Sullivan, Founder at Analytics Edge

"100% agree. Thank you for this post - I loved it!"

- Lorraine Chapman, Director of UX at Macadamian

I love it. I really like the comparison to house cleaning and the detailed check list that I can use!"

- Diane Johnson, Johnson Executive Search