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Tired of making product decisions based on the loudest person in the room? So are your customers.

we can help.

Our specialty is making complex, B2B products better and easier to use. Good products start with understanding your customers.

We help you implement your Voice of Customer program to build that understanding. Our decades of expertise in user experience design then turns those insights into a UI that feels seamless and smooth to your customers.

We help your
customers love you.

Jana Sedivy,

Founder and Principal

Nadine Fox

If you’ve been struggling to find research and UX help because your product is very complicated, look no further.

No product is too complex or technical for us.

If you’ve been struggling to find research and UX help because your product is very complicated, look no further. No product is too complex or technical for us.


Reduce your customer support costs by making your product easier to use.


We help you hear voices in your head. The voice of your customers.


Engineers will never be UX designers, but we can teach them the do’s and don’ts.

I feel like I was thirsty and I just had a glass of water!

Lee Rosen, Director of Engineering, Nuance Communications

Jana’s research helped our team deeply understand who
we were serving and if our product truly did address the
customer needs that we said it did. Through a regular
cadence of communication to the team, we were able
to get access to the true Voice of our Customers.

Ben Matthews, Director of Design, Adobe

Jana’s work has been essential for us to understand the
perception that customers have of our company. Although
the field of wind power was new to her, she immediately
understood the issues to be raised and asked the right
questions. Her research has laid the groundwork for our
new marketing and branding initiative.

Charles Dugue, CEO, 8.2 Consulting

Jana is a great asset to any customer oriented software
development organization. She has the right level of
insight and experience to really understand what
customers are saying and then translate them into
actionable items. She was always the true voice of the
customer on our team and helped focus the product.
Hire her if you get the chance.

Jess Walker, Principal Product Director, Adobe

Jana is awesome. With minimal guidance, she was
able to take the reins and deliver an exceptional
analysis of our clients' needs to help us innovate.
Her experience is deep; her passion is infectious;
and her talent is obvious.

Mark Hirsch, CEO at CreativeWorx

Jana's techniques are as creative as they are effective
and practical. She helped us in the early stages of
market research and quickly identified our potential
target market. Her innovative ways of
recruiting users were simply brilliant.

Sherif Koussa, CEO Securify Labs

Jana has a very pragmatic approach to implementing
actionable programs without a huge investment.
Immediately after a single meeting, we were able to
initiate a cross-functional departmental approach to
customer experience.

Mairi Miller, Senior Manager of Corporate Marketing, Nanometrics

Jana was exceptional in working with our team to
improve platform usability.

James Kincaid, CEO iMedMedia

I highly recommend Jana as a customer insight
researcher. She has the ability to drill down to
the root issue of any problem. She works well with
the team to develop these insights into actionable

Paul Koens, Leader Industrial Design and Product
Development at Avaya

The force is strong with this one.

Darth Vader, Warlord, Evil Empire

Jana quickly helped us cut through the clutter and chaos
of user requirement gathering. She has an impressive set
of skills and knowledge for gathering and analyzing
requirements. But also her ability to ask the right questions
shows that she is very objective and doesn't let her personal
opinions overly influence the process.

Jody Schofield, Mobile R&D Lead at Thinking Phone Networks

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Unified Communications
Printer Server Management
Document Workflow Processing
Contact Center Systems
Health Care Organizations
Computer Vision Microprocessors
Emergency Phone System Backbone Infrastructure
Intranet Security
Infrastructure Modelling
Business Process Automation
Supply Chain Management
Financial Services
Seismic Devices
Solar and Wind Power

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