10 things you need to know about usability testing

On Friday I gave a talk at the Wesley Clover startup incubator called “10 things you need to know about usability testing”

I believe passionately that usability testing gives you vital information about how users will react to your product.  These days, most people agree that the usability of their products is essential to their success, but precious few of them will do even the most basic evaluation.  Even when they do, the often make common blunders that will not give them the information they need.

My talk at Wesley Clover was targeted towards companies that want to improve their usability but don’t know how to get started, and don’t necessarily have the resources to hire someone to do it.

The audience at Wesley Clover was terrific and asked great questions.  I have seen the future of innovation and it is good!

Check out my talk on SlideShare here:  http://www.slideshare.net/JanaSedivy/10-things-you-should-know-about-usability-testing