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Won’t someone please think of the humans?

Classic movies are a wondrous window into a bygone era. They ordered beer at drive throughs, smoked in the office, and didn’t dial phone numbers. When someone wanted to reach Elizabeth Taylor, “The most desirable woman in town” they had only to ask the operator for “Butterfield 8”. As more and more phone numbers were […]

Anuj Anand: VP at Ausenco

Anuj Anand is the VP for Technology Services and Solutions at Ausenco, a global leader in providing consulting, engineering, project delivery and optimisation services for large scale, resources, energy and industrial projects.   If a mine needs to be built, or a recycling plant designed, or a bridge constructed, Ausenco is brought in to provide expertise […]

How’s Business?

Every Monday, I take my kids Alex and Vivian to their Jiu Jitsu class. The martial arts club conveniently offers an adult fitness class during the kid Jiu Jitsu session, so that us parents can get in a workout instead of spending the next 45 minutes fiddling with our phones. When the three of us […]

Stop making your employees sit on garbage cans

Many years ago, my husband Geoff worked with a Brazilian government agency in Rio de Janiero (I know, he’s had a rough life).  Although they were very advanced in many ways, they had some surprising deficiencies when it came to making sure employees were productive.  For instance, Geoff couldn’t find a chair to sit on.  […]

Mark Templeton: Former CEO of Citrix

Mark Templeton retired from his role as CEO of Citrix on Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015, for those of you not in the know). During his 20 year long tenure, he oversaw a transformation that created a customer-first culture at Citrix. By focusing on creating value for customers first, he also created […]

Are you a Flat Earther?

Pop quiz time! What shape is the planet earth? a.   Round b.  Flat If you answered (b) I’m sorry but we can’t be friends.  If you answered (a), phew! There is a dismayingly large group of people who think that the earth is flat.  They don’t believe the photos from outer space, or anything […]

Marat Stary: GetPartnered

Marat Stary has done just about everything. From consulting to media, tech and beyond, he’s seen a lot. Like many company founders, his business idea (and current success) had a lot to do with what he experienced firsthand while working with larger companies. GetPartnered solves a really interesting problem for large companies with lots of […]

What does “user” mean?

“Users might want to customize their font”   “If I was the user, I would want to order things by process ID”   “Users want to see a high-level dashboard of the finances”   “Users are going to want to put things on SharePoint with one click”   “Our users need to be able to […]

Pradeep GanapathyRaj: Microsoft Yammer

Pradeep is the Director of Product Management at Microsoft Yammer. He wears many hats: product champion, strategist, and team builder, just to name a few. His product (which now is part of Microsoft’s collaboration suite), has a clear mission:  It helps teams “work out in the open.” I got on the phone with Pradeep to […]

How Tearful Interviews can Lead to Happy Customers

“I was terrified. I thought she was going to die in front of me.” Those were the words of a research participant as she described her experience during a medical crisis with her daughter. Then she burst into tears. As we passed the tissues, we had to grab a few for ourselves. Rewind a bit. […]