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Mark Amszej: CDK Global

If you haven’t heard of CDK Global, don’t worry — it’s not exactly a household name. But if you’ve ever bought a car from a dealership, chances are good that you’ve been touched by their software without even knowing it. From marketing, to insurance quotes, to pricing, to integrating with every car manufacturer you can […]

Weed Your Customer Garden

A few weeks ago, my neighbor Sophie cornered me while I was taking out the garbage. “Dandelions are pretty bad this year, huh?” she said, nodding pointedly at the yellow heads littering my front lawn. “Umm… yeah… really bad,” I stammered back. This is the part where I explain that Sophie’s lawn looks like a […]

Jeff Stanier: Adobe Systems

Meet the one and only Jeff Stanier. In case you aren’t lucky enough to have crossed paths with him, Jeff is Director of Product Management over two Adobe Systems products: Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Connect. With a job that hinges on understanding his customers at a deep level, Jeff — and Adobe’s — […]

Lessons From The Motherland

My parents shortly before escaping communist Czechoslovakia My parents had three children under the age of four when they escaped communist Czechoslovakia over 40 years ago.  They somehow managed to get a three-day visa to “visit” Austria, so they packed what would be considered reasonable for a three-day trip and never came back. Needless to […]

Mairi Miller: Nanometrics

As Head of Corporate Marketing at Nanometrics, Mairi’s done some pretty interesting stuff when it comes to understanding her customers.  Beginning with the creation of a “Customer Experience Taskforce,” she found ways to gather deep insights about the difficulties her customers — mostly scientists measuring shifts in the earth — face daily. From there, she […]

Daniel Eicke: Zalando

As Product Owner of Brand Solutions at Zalando, Daniel Eicke is responsible for building services and products for the company’s “fashion partners” – suppliers, retailers, fashion brands and others, all of whom are involved in the sale of fashion-related items. This is separate and apart from the company’s primary focus as an international online retailer. […]

Channel your inner toddler

When my son was a toddler, his favorite question was “Why?”  Here is a typical conversation: Me (getting him ready to go out the door): “Let’s go buddy, put your rainboots on!” Him:  “Why?” Me: “Because it’s raining out.” Him: “Why?” Me:  “Because the water vapor in the air needed to be released.”  (Yes.  I […]

Ali Rizvi: NetFortris

  Ali Rizvi has a tough job. As the Head of Product at Fonality (recently acquired by NetFortris), a leading telephony company, he’s charged with continually developing world-class communications products for enterprise-level customers. At the heart of his experience, Ali’s found that truly understanding his customers is the best way to consistently stay ahead of […]

Are You Playing the Telephone Game With Your Customers?

Every family has a collection of “favorite stories.”  You know, those things you keep retelling to each other, year after year. One of ours involves my son. When he was in grade one, he came home from school and recounted the following history of the indigenous people of Canada: The Native peoples fought against the […]