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Oleg Mysyk: Nokia

In most organizations, the people using the technology, buying the technology and developing the technology, don’t tend to communicate frequently (if at all). At times, it feels like an extended game of “telephone,” with the essential elements of the conversation getting garbled along the way. I sat down with Oleg Mysyk, a Product Manager and […]

Chris van Loben Sels: Veeva Systems

A market evaluation expert and an incubator advisor at Veeva systems, Chris has built a career around finding what makes successful B2B software tick.  He began at Adobe, and was one of the early advocates championing Customer Experience as core to B2B product strategy – long before it became the buzzword it is today. Here’s […]

Ten Letters For The President

As an avid podcast listener, one of my favorites is 99 Percent Invisible.  It’s about “all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about.”  As someone who works in B2B tech, there is nothing I love more than thinking about things people don’t think about. A recent favorite of mine was, “Ten […]

Fabien Tiburce: Compliantia

Fabien Tiburce is the Founder and CEO of Compliantia, a cloud based B2B retail audit software. If you’ve recently walked into a 7-11 or a UPS Store, you can thank Compliantia for helping to keep your local franchisees up to snuff with the corporate standards. As Fabien explains, “We help large, multi-unit, franchise-based retailers uphold standards […]

Is There Lipstick On Your Pig?

My daughter, Rachel, is probably the only 12 year-old in the country who knows who Carol Burnett is.  This is because I believe in properly educating our children, and that means exposing them to the joys of the Muppet Show.  In fact, we own The Complete Muppets, a five-season DVD set that my husband bought […]

Ah yes. One of your earth emotions.

“Irritating?  Ah yes, one of your earth emotions…”  mused Spock when Captain Kirk accused him of playing an “irritating” game of chess. However, despite Spock’s detachment from feelings, he doesn’t entirely live up to his anti-emotion rhetoric.  He even allowed himself an enthusiastic shoulder grip and smile  when he discovered that he hadn’t in fact […]

Build your own ninja army

In  16th century Japan, times were tough and chaos reigned.  A few regions decided to take matters into their own hands by setting up their own government and getting their own citizens to protect them. Up until that point, towns often turned to Samurai warriors for protection.  However,  they were expensive, they drew too much […]

Talk to customers on their schedule, not yours

When my kids come home from school I always ask “how was your day?” Any guesses as to the answer I invariably get? “Fine…” “Anything special happen?” “No” Bonus points if you visualized a pre-teen eye-roll in there as well. But it’s funny, they actually have plenty to say at other times. While I was […]

How to train your customers to destroy your brand

Anyone with toddlers dreads the public meltdown. You’ve seen us, the harried moms with the kids in tow, just… trying… to get…  the shopping… done.   And then, just as we are coming down the home stretch at the checkout counter, the supermarket has helpfully placed chocolate bars precisely at toddler eye-level. To the right, Mars […]

A day like any other

I thought it was going to be a day like any other until I stepped outside the front door and saw this…   Now I know what you are thinking – I should have been expecting this on April 1st. Except that it WASN’T April 1st, it was April 3rd.  My kids had decided to […]